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Rope Access Services

AIMMS can provide an extensive range of their services with the aid of Rope Access services to minimise costs associated with both time consuming and expensive scaffold systems. It has been shown throughout the last number of years that this activity is an extremely safe method for execution of numerous applications at elevated locations and those that have restricted access. AIMMS utilise Rope Access trained NDT technicians for Structural Inspection and Survey work. Rope Access is a safe, efficient and time saving method derived from recreational climbing and caving but modified to utilise a twin rope system for enhanced safety in industrial use. This makes it the access method of choice for our industry, thus eliminating the need for costly and time-consuming scaffolding. With our own team of IRATA qualified rope access personnel, AIMMS has the capability to expand any of its broad range of services to areas that remain difficult to access by standard methods. It has been a preferred method of access (ingress and egress) for our clients offshore over conventional scaffolding for some of the following reasons:

Mechanical Components Design & Drafting:

  • Easy and time efficient to set up (rigging and de-rigging)
  • Lightweight and portable equipment
  • Does not take up space
  • Practicality in a number of applications
  • 2D & 3D Drafting Services
  • Minimum operational team of two operatives (three when over water)

As well as conducting inspections at height, AIMMS provide rope access teams for all types of maintenance and repair projects, even if it’s just a one-off job in a tough to reach area.

AIMMS’ Rope Access Services including:

  • Special Periodic Surveys
  • Crane Inspection
  • Lifting Gear Surveys
  • Hull & Tank Gauging
  • Jack-Up Leg Inspections
  • Above Ground Storage Tank Inspection
  • Remedial and maintenance services
  • Derrick Assembly